1515 Railbuttons

1515 Railbuttons
1  Piece Delrin 1515 Railbuttons

Our 1515 railbuttons are designed to be used with 80/20's 1515 extrusion That rail is 1.5" x 1.5"
Our 1515 buttons have been used on rockets weighing over 100 lbs!
The maximum weight for a rocket using 1515 railbuttons is something that needs to be determined by the rocketeer, but hopefully if you are building rockets weighing over 100 lbs., you will have the experience necessary to make that determination.

Rails can be purchased direct from the manufacturer, 80/20.  
Here is the URL for 80/20.   https://8020.net/

They are also available from distributors like Granger, McMaster Carr, Zoro, and Fastenel to name just a few.
One of the most expensive parts of buying rails is the shipping charges. It is expensive to ship only one, but almost nothing to add 2 or 3 more.
Going in with a group purchase can make them considerably more affordable.
Consider asking your local club if they need any new rails. They do get damaged and need to be periodically replaced if used a lot.
Of course, buying from a local distributor solves the shipping problem altogether.

1515 Railbuttons - Package of 10

1515 Railbuttons - Package of 10

1  Piece Delrin 1515 RailbuttonsOur 1515 railbuttons are designed to be used with 80/20's 1515 ..


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